ShowReel BreakDown:

"Porcelain" - the bachelor project that I worked on. A ten man team, consistent of five animators and five CGs - I filled the role as Art director, project manager and also worked as a CG generalist which included assignments such as 3D modeling, mainly props and sets, Lighting, Render setup and compositing.

Trailer Project; "Jules ét Jim"A three man project, with additional help from three animators. I modeled, textured and rigged the character "Jules"(the purple ladybug-guy), besides working with prop/set model/texturing, lighting, render and comp. on various shots.

"Project Q" - the design of the character was a combined effort of myself and the animator. And except for the animation I did everything; model, texturing, rigging, light and render and comp.

Commercial Project; my main focus was on the vfx (fog and particles), some set/prop modeling and texturing, lighting, render and comp.

MatchMoving; a one week assignment with focus on matchmoving - I did everything in this shot including the wonderful animation

SummerExam 2012; The character was handed out rigged - I then did sculpts/maps and texture for the chameleon, modeled the tree, branches and the flowers, textured, light and render and finally comp.